Thursday, May 19, 2016


My latest picture, just finished today. Title: Line Dance, 

Size: 20 by 30 inch = 50 by 75 cm. 

Media: watercolor, gesso, and ink. 

Should you be interested to purchase, please message me: pre-gallery price is $275 plus actual shipping and packaging cost, next week it will go to the "framery" and made ready to be shown in the gallery. 
Line Dance, Original by Jurgen Ziesmann, Watercolor and Ink, 50 by 75cm   
I am often asked where I get all my ideas from.
Some elements of this image came from memories of microscopic slides. I was not looking at such slides while painting, but I have seen such images often, and the memories are just there and seem to make it somehow into my paintings.

For example the spores of cup fungi: 
Cup Fungus - Ascus and paraphyses, asci and spores, Image by Kuhn Photo,
The black lined ending in the dots could be from a fungus called Mucor:
Mucor, Image by Di Salvo

The white cell structures - nearly any plant:
Plant cells, Image form an article by the Daily Mail

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