Thursday, January 7, 2016

To start out the new year, I have two new pictures of my own production.
The first one the reminds me of my dreams about the Sahara and the Nile ... sand and water, ancient ruins and modern life.

Jurgen Ziesmann "Jurzi", Sands along the Nile, Watercolor on paper, 40 by 60 cm, own image

The second one bundles all my impatience, that usually sits somewhere inside me hidden away, when I work on my very controlled and slowly executed images.

Jurgen Ziesmann "Jurzi", Fighting flowers on the Lake, Mixed Media (but mainly watercolor on gessoed paper), 20 by 60 cm, own image

Maybe I should add another picture, that I made from "Fighting flowers ..." on my computer. Here it is:

Welcome to 2024 This is my first picture of the year. I am always happy to hear/read some feedback. Any idea for a title?