Thursday, September 1, 2016


Biomorphic Watercolors

Since I am back from my trip to Germany, I am busy with several larger scale watercolors. This is the first that got finished and it looks vibrant, moving, nearly alive. I hope you can enjoy it too.

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals, Watercolor, own picture

 Here some details from the picture. 

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

Jurgen Ziesmann, Corals (detail), Watercolor, own picture

As I love to play with the pictures I paint, it did not take long to create several kaleidoscopic pictures from the original. If you like them, please let me know, happy to create one, unique and specifically for you. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016


My latest picture, just finished today. Title: Line Dance, 

Size: 20 by 30 inch = 50 by 75 cm. 

Media: watercolor, gesso, and ink. 

Should you be interested to purchase, please message me: pre-gallery price is $275 plus actual shipping and packaging cost, next week it will go to the "framery" and made ready to be shown in the gallery. 
Line Dance, Original by Jurgen Ziesmann, Watercolor and Ink, 50 by 75cm   
I am often asked where I get all my ideas from.
Some elements of this image came from memories of microscopic slides. I was not looking at such slides while painting, but I have seen such images often, and the memories are just there and seem to make it somehow into my paintings.

For example the spores of cup fungi: 
Cup Fungus - Ascus and paraphyses, asci and spores, Image by Kuhn Photo,
The black lined ending in the dots could be from a fungus called Mucor:
Mucor, Image by Di Salvo

The white cell structures - nearly any plant:
Plant cells, Image form an article by the Daily Mail

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EMMA SCHKLOVEN from the Lynchburg Paper "News and Advance" today published a very encouraging feature about me.

Here a couple of excerpts. For the whole article please follow the link.
Jurgen Ziesmann, a biology professor at Lynchburg College and the featured artist in Riverviews Artspace's Co-Op Gallery this month, works on a painting at his studio in Lynchburg. He says he never starts with a clear idea of how his art will look when finished. "I like to mimic ... biological processes because I'm often surprised myself [by] what the outcome is."

Ziesmann, the featured artist in Riverviews Artspace’s Co-Op Gallery this month, never starts with a clear idea of how the piece will look when finished. Instead, he places lines and shapes on the paper and allows them to grow and develop naturally, much in the way organisms do.
“I like to mimic those biological processes because I’m often surprised myself [by] what the outcome is,” he says while sitting in the front room of his Rivermont home, which doubles as his studio, an incomplete painting of squiggles, dots and brown earth tones in front of him. “If you have two cells, one from one organism and one from a different organism, they could grow into completely different things.”
“It resembles biology,” he says of his process. “You have surprisingly few genes and according to the rules, you have predictable outcomes. Every human has two arms, two legs, a body, a face, two eyes, a nose and a mouth. But applying the same rules with tiny variations on it gives you all this variety. There’s not a single human exactly the same as any other on Earth or before you or after you. You’re unique. I like the idea that my pictures are somewhat similar.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Here a few of the pictures on show at the Riverviews Co-Op Gallery, Lynchburg (until end of May 2016)

Seascape ... soon gone?


Night Palace, Watercolor and Ink

Life under the Microscope, Colored Pencils

Palace of 1000 Windows, Watercolor and ink

The Chase, Watercolor and Ink
Princess and Prince on their Way to the Ball, Watercolor and Ink
Abstract Comic,Watercolor and Ink
Blue Swirls, Pastel and Ink (Gel Pens) SOLD

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I am featured artist of the month at the Riverviews Co-Op Gallery, downtown Lynchburg. Come and meet me there this Friday (May 6) between 5:30 and 8:00 pm.

Below my latest watercolor from a distant world: Seascape.

Here some detail from the picture:

In the older post you can find some pictures from the work in progress!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Glimpses from a Strange World

It started with a page of paper with some quite boring brown and green blotches of color.
Then I start adding some detail, like the white areas in the middle, that remind me of the shell of a nautilus. It is important to remain open for mistakes, for ideas, for the picture calling to me where to continue and how. 


Somehow the shapes of two seahorses appeared. 


Thursday, January 7, 2016

To start out the new year, I have two new pictures of my own production.
The first one the reminds me of my dreams about the Sahara and the Nile ... sand and water, ancient ruins and modern life.

Jurgen Ziesmann "Jurzi", Sands along the Nile, Watercolor on paper, 40 by 60 cm, own image

The second one bundles all my impatience, that usually sits somewhere inside me hidden away, when I work on my very controlled and slowly executed images.

Jurgen Ziesmann "Jurzi", Fighting flowers on the Lake, Mixed Media (but mainly watercolor on gessoed paper), 20 by 60 cm, own image

Maybe I should add another picture, that I made from "Fighting flowers ..." on my computer. Here it is:

Welcome to 2024 This is my first picture of the year. I am always happy to hear/read some feedback. Any idea for a title?