Friday, January 6, 2023

Over the years


Two pictures to get into the new year. 
Exclamation mark is the last picture finished in 2022 and Mary's Grotto the first one in 2023.
2022 really needed to end with an exclamation mark. It was tough, challenging, full of open questions that needed solutions. So we all moved along some ever changing guidelines. But we moved.
Mary's Grotto is playful, promising, a good bit mysterious. We hope for good fortunes, a colorful year, and for someone who cares for us. 

Exclamation mark. 
11x14 inch, 27x35cm
Alcoholic Inks on Yupo

Mary's Grotto
11x14 inch, 27x35cm
Alcoholic Inks on Yupo

Welcome to 2024 This is my first picture of the year. I am always happy to hear/read some feedback. Any idea for a title?