Sunday, May 21, 2017

End of Semester! ART START

Whoa, that was a long break. If you want to know what was going on in my life ... text me.
Anyway, two long, draining semesters of teaching and a surgery later, I am back in artist mode.
After weeks of making no art, this is my weekend production:

Bear the Speeches, 4 by 6 inches (Colored Pencils and Ink)
These outlines I drew during the Lynchburg College Commencement. Welcome, and student representative, and board, and Alumni Association ... all gave their greetings. The bigger the structure, the longer the speech.  Doodling keeps me focused on what is said. Try it!

Who are you? 4 x 6 inch (Markers and Ink)
A very quick, comic like doodle.

Rise! 4 x 6 inch (Colored Pencil and Ink)
The outline I drew during the reading of near 500 names of the graduating class of 2017.

Sad? Tired? 6 x 6 inches (Ink and watercolor on yellow paper)

Desperation Piece, 4 x 6 inches, Pencil
This little doodle I drew in my bad moments in my office.
When I needed a break, five minutes to focus on something else than grading.
It kept desperation away.

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