Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Anatomical Art by Nunzio Paci

Because I teach anatomy and with that the human body, its muscles, veins, and bones are something I encounter on a very regular basis. And yes, from an anatomical viewpoint, the human body is a beautifully designed machine. 
Nuntio Paci uses oil and pencil to combine the structures of the body (in great accuracy and detail) with other natural elements, wings, feathers, branches, flowers to create surreal mixed beings, where the line between reality and imagination becomes blurred.
"If I can't walk, I will learn to fly" by Nuntio Paci
"Forest" by Nunzio Paci
Very, different ... equally fascinating for the the psychgeographies of Dusting Yellin.
Elaborate collages in blocks of glass - while viewing the inside of the human body whole new worlds can be discovered.
"Psychogeography 67" by Dustin Yellin
Of course I have my fair share of own anatomical drawings. However, comparing them with the creativity that is obvious in the above works .... is a very humbling experience.
"under our skin" by Jurgen Ziesmann (the pose is from an absolutely amazing image by Mapplethorpe)

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