Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Hand Made" Stop Motion Videos

All you need is some empty wall (or paper), black and white paint, and a camera ... and you are ready to create amazing stop motion videos.

They can quite haunting ... (some of the scenes really stick with me) ... like this one:

Tempus Fugit by Karolien Soete 

Karolien Soete's stop-motion film of nearly two thousand separate images was painted and photographed from April through July, 2013 in an empty furniture factory in Belgium. 
With a haunting score from composer Alexander Berne and his Abandoned Orchestra, the predominant meditation is on the passage of time. Life and Death. Creation and Dissolution. Talking Walls is an ongoing project, where the artist is invited to create life-size animations in spaces, private or public.

They of course also can be quite funny ... like the ones where the world seems to be inhabited surprisingly by  whole universe of formerly unknown animate objects:

Aug(de)mented Reality

by ombre_McSteez All he uses are traditional animation cels and his iphone 5s
(and loads of imagination).

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